Aluminium Commercial Projects

TOP WINDOWS & DOORS offers a full spectrum of aluminium products and technical construction solutions. This makes us the premium partner for even the most demanding client, managing projects professionally, and keeping the highest customer service standards and product quality.



Skylights & Domes

The advantages of skylights are well known in construction industr y and this is why they become more popular and technically advanced. TOP WINDOWS & DOORS does much more than standard skylights in terms of design, offering complicated domes constructions. Complexity of the project is not a problem, it’s a challenge we are pleased to faces.



Perforated metal sheets

The diversity and asymmetric shapes of the perforations offer a ver y simple and cost efficient solution to “revive” buildings. The possibility of perforation patterns is theoretically unlimited. Our CNC punching machine can produce perforation patterns of different size and shapes to meet any modern design trends.



Curtain Walls & Structural Glass

It’s hard to imagine XXI centur y architecture without curtain walling. The combination of aluminium and glass opens up the space, links outside and inside worlds. The product provides all you expect from interior: warmth, safety and silence but also gives something extra: brightness, sunlight, aesthetic environment. TOP WINDOWS & DOORS products embod- ies all these principles and we ensure that they are always applied from the design phase right up to the installation of the curtain wall.



Fire rated constructions

TOP WINDOWS & DOORS products fully comply with fire regulations. We have obtained all the required certificates to manufacture fire rated construction for windows, doors and facades. The fire resistance performance, depending on the project requirements, is available in a variety of classes, from as low as EI 15 (15 minutes) up to an EI class of 120 (2 hours) for vertical assemblies, and achieve a class of REI 20/ RE 30 for roof glazing.



Architectural elements

We offer execution of architectural elements such as louvers, blinds and all-glass canopies. TOP WINDOWS & DOORS’s production line for structurally lami- nated glass, allows to perform ver y complex spatial facade elements.




Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIP V ) replaces conventional materials i.e. glass, facade cladding with photovoltaic cell. Using photovoltaic modules on the facade, or skylight we influence the shade inside the building, its thermal and acoustic insulation and aesthetic values, reducing the electric bill.




TOP WINDOWS & DOORS is not only about quality products, it is also professional service that incudes:

  • 3D scanning
  • Building expertise, material and thermal insulation
  • Audits and energy consulting
  • Executive project and workshop design
  • Projects of photovoltaic systems in BIM
  • Building Automation