Timber Bi-folding Door


External bi-fold doors open exactly as their name suggests; folding in a concertina style as opposed to folding outwards. Our bi-folding doors offer a stylish way to change the feel of a room completely. Allowing unlimited amounts of natural light into the room whilst offering nice views onto the garden, the bi-folding doors slide elegantly to completely open the room. The doors can be configured to suit the layout of the room and client’s preferences.



Pine wood

Pine - preferably selected raw material for production of windows. Pine has a bright fresh colour, durability, excellent resistance to weather conditions and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Accessible, easy to handle and cost-effective. It is recommended for customers who value traditional solutions and economical use.


Pine wood

Meranti - this exotic species of hardwood timber from Indonesia has extremely high resistance to weather conditions. The windows made of this material are not only durable but also very warm and quiet. Meranti wood density strongly depends on the species and can range from 300 kg/m3 to 1050 kg/m3. It is recommend for places exposed to moisture. In windows and doors production most commonly used meranti is the one with a density above 450 kg / m3, which ensures consistent quality of the final product.


Pine wood

Oak - is the best building material out of native broadleaved trees, better than pine or even larch. Oak wood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is characterised by high durability and resistance to changing moisture conditions. It has been widely appreciated all around the world for centuries.




The BI-FOLD DOORS are without doubt the new vogue. Folding doors open and close effortlessly and stack unobtrusively to create wide open vistas and bringing us closer to nature. This design offers the ideal solution for creating large glazing areas with minimal timber allowing for uninterrupted views to be enjoyed from a property.