Timber Sash window


Timber sash windows are the epitome of classic, elegance and are the perfect choice for retaining a traditional look to your home. The natural beauty and warmth of wooden frames adds character. Our timber sash window is no ordinary double glazed window. Incorporating quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques it has unique benefits that enhance both its performance and security.

Available in spiral balance (springs) or weights options. We are proud to offer a model with covered springs (inside) which offers an innovative solution to hide the springs inside the sash box whilst keeping the beauty and integrity of the product in keeping with the surroundings.



Pine wood

Pine - preferably selected raw material for production of windows. Pine has a bright fresh colour, durability, excellent resistance to weather conditions and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Accessible, easy to handle and cost-effective. It is recommended for customers who value traditional solutions and economical use.


Pine wood

Meranti - this exotic species of hardwood timber from Indonesia has extremely high resistance to weather conditions. The windows made of this material are not only durable but also very warm and quiet. Meranti wood density strongly depends on the species and can range from 300 kg/m3 to 1050 kg/m3. It is recommend for places exposed to moisture. In windows and doors production most commonly used meranti is the one with a density above 450 kg / m3, which ensures consistent quality of the final product.


Pine wood

Oak - is the best building material out of native broadleaved trees, better than pine or even larch. Oak wood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is characterised by high durability and resistance to changing moisture conditions. It has been widely appreciated all around the world for centuries.


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Sliding Sash Cords & Weights

The SLIDING SASH CORDS & WEIGHTS window utilises pulleys and weights as the lift system. Primarily used when build circumstances dictate or when conservation requirements are a consideration. Ensuring the character and charm of the building is maintained whilst incorporating modern technologies, security and performance. For customer request we are able to do sliding sash cords & weights in thinner profile – 145mm.

Sliding Sash Spiral Balance

The SLIDING SASH SPIRAL BALANCE window or tensioned spring provides the mechanism of lift to the system. Predominantly used in new build construction, it provides a cost effective solution to this style whilst retaining all the unique features of a sash window. It’s possibility to make sliding sash spiral balance in thinner profile -145mm.

Sliding Sash Cords & Weights SLIM


Sliding Sash Spiral Balance