General Information

Please note that in direct sunlight, hot or centrally heated environments, these conditions can cause the natural seepage of resin pockets in the timber or around knots to become mobilised. This can result in a residue or extractive stain appearing on the surface however this does not constitute a fault in the material or the workmanship.

These conditions can also cause moisture or vapour to be removed from the timber which may result in splits or movement of the timber substrate and the coating system, especially around the joints of components. Unfortunately this is beyond our control and does not constitute a fault in the materials used or the workmanship.


Please note

  • Colour variations in the timber may occur, as this is a natural product, however this does not constitute a fault in the material or the workmanship.
  • The over painting of the weather seals or brush pile must be avoided as this will result in poor operation and performance.
  • WP warranties are subject to the environmental conditions of the site location and adherence to the care and maintenance procedures laid down by the manufacturer under the condition of sale.
  • Any products manufactured or supplied by WP which are not fitted by WP are not covered by the guarantee.

Failure to follow these recommendations and instructions, can result in the loss of your guarantees as well as poor product performance.

Wood Production Ltd reserves the right to change any guarantee specification without prior notice


Maintenance and Storage



  • Always ensure that the site or delivery address has adequate labour or mechanical lifting availability to safely offload and transport the product on site without causing any damage. Any damage that is reported after delivery will be deemed as a chargeable repair or replacement.


Site storage for windows & door sets

  • This is not recommended on a long term basis. All WP products from TOP WINDOWS & DOORS line should be stored in a clean dry area (humidity should not exceed 70%) and kept away from other site activities that could cause damage to the timber, glass, ironmongery or factory finishes. Rooms/places in which the windows or doors are stored or fitted must be regularly ventilated. Please note that the prolonged exposure of semi finished products to ultra violet light, damp or wet conditions will cause the ingress/penetration of moisture. This must be avoided at all costs whilst our products are being stored as this can result in your guarantees becoming invalid.
  • Always place factory finished and glazed products on bearers and store vertically. Leave any protective wrapping on the product until it is ready for installation, care must be taken when removing protective wrapping so as not to damage the paint finish or glazing. Do not fit the windows or doors in protective wrapping.
  • If supplied as unglazed frames, these can be stored flat, cill to head, but care must be taken to avoid damage to the product.
  • Always keep sashes in the closed position during the building process and any on site glazing should also be carried out with the sashes closed.
  • Allow sufficient spacing between each product to stop handle or cill damage, for ease of handling and to maintain good air circulation around the products. Always avoid storing products in extremes of light or temperature, or in rooms where wet trades are taking place. If rooms are not ventilated or de-humidified during this type of work the air moisture content can affect the timber and glass through condensation and water penetration. Ironmongery may also be affected.



  • Products that are fully factory finished using our micro porous paint system or primed only, must be maintained to prevent any moisture ingress or penetration into the timber during the products service lifetime.
  • Annually Window and Door products should be wiped down and inspected. Any wear and tear damage should be repaired on an ongoing basis and if necessary repainted with a micro pours paint or stain system - applied to the paint manufacturer’s specification and recommendations. Failure to follow these recommendations and instructions will result in the loss of guarantees, as well as poor product performance.
  • The customer is fully responsible for storage and maintenance of any unpainted or primed joinery products which the customer bought. Finishing coat must be applied prior to installation and glazing and/or within 3 weeks of delivery.


Please see Use and Maintenance Instruction for Aluminium Windows Click here